HIGH RISK PE Coated Isolation Gown - Knitted Cuff
HIGH RISK PE Coated Isolation Gown - Knitted Cuff
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High Risk PE Coated Isolation Gown provide high level of protection and durability while remaining comfortability.

Serged seams have multiple interlocking threads that are sewn around the raw edges of garment material to create a strong, stress-resistant seam secure garment

Waterproof , passed bonding, tensile and elongation strength test & Knitted cuff for secure cuff closure.

Single-use apparel used to protect against airborne solid particulates, non hazardous liquids, infective agents and electrostatic properties.

With velcro closure on neck and ties at the waist. One size fits most.

Color: White

Packing: 5pcs per pack, 10packs per carton

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