SONTARA Surgical Gown
SONTARA Surgical Gown SONTARA Surgical Gown SONTARA Surgical Gown
SONTARA Surgical Gown
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ST0001 / ST0002 / ST0003 / ST0004 / ST0005

SONTARA GOWN where performance and efficiency is your main concern, our Sontara Gown is your perfect choice. Sontara® has a long history of manufacturing products for highly regulated end users (e.g. cleanroom, aerospace, health care and pharmaceutical).

Sontara® fabrics provide medical apparel that is highly comfortable to wear and fulfills international product norms, minimizing the risk of infections.

The remarkable softness and high drapeability of Sontara® fabrics help optimize surgeons comfort and dexterity throughout operations. Sontara® materials are opaque and minimize distracting glare. Sontara® MediClean towel are strong and tear-resistant, yet conform easily and stay in place without slipping or sliding.

Material fully import from USA and tailored made to your size.


Content include: 1x Sontara Gown, 1x Outer Wrap, 2x Sontara® MediClean Towel

Packing: 1 piece per pack, 25 packs per carton

Color: Blue

Size: ST0001 (S), ST0002 (M), ST0003 (L), ST0004 (XL), ST0005 (XXL)

*if required other size, kindly stated at the remark upon order.

Kindly be informed, We will check the current stock of your order items and revert back to you as soon as possible.
Please hold the payment first once we confirm the stock status from our warehouse/productions side.

1 - 10 carton RM 825.00
11 - 19 carton RM 775.00
20 carton & above RM 725.00
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